When in LA

Where can I find cactus in Birmingham?? I have been looking for so long without any luck… I wonder if I can order somewhere…



I’ve said it before, I’m a big fan of Anine Bing. I visited her store when I was in Los Angeles in December, and yes I came out with a bag. Will show you soon what’s hiding in there. I really like both her design of the clothes/shoes etc but also the design of all her stores.

We are having a slow Saturday in our house. Me and Oliver slept in while hubby took Eddie-Bo to his practice. And now I have a massage appointment, niiiice!!


Fancy time in LA

Rodeo Drive, baby! Btw, how great is Pretty Woman?? Best movie ever, watched it last week. Again.

Beverly Hills Hotel has complimentary car service. A service I totally took advantage of :) Four rides in one day to be exact! Mr Driver also made sure to bring back my shopping bags up to my hotel room. Unreal and awesome.

Biggest coffee ever at The Ivy, known for celebrity sightings. The only celebrity I saw, was my friend ‘Robinson Emma’ :) in English, ‘Survivor Emma’. Yes, she won the Swedish Survivor many years ago!

The Ivy is also known for their million roses everywhere!


Another super fancy thing we did in LA, GLAM SQUAD!!

IMG_7474 (1).jpg
Glam squad -Your pro team for hair, makeup and nails—anytime, anywhere. For real, I didn’t know that excited. It’s like Uber, you book thru their app and they come to your house or hotel. Ashley booked a blow out for all of us at our hotel room before we went to The Voice, thank you!!

Today is for sure not as fancy. I’m home with a sick Oliver. Yesterday I took him to my awesome chiropractor (an adjustment helps to drain the snot (snor), but he also told me we needed to see a pediatrician, since his tonsils were swollen. So we did, poor thing had both sinus infection and streps (bihåleinflammation and halsfluss)!! He was not cranky at all, I just thought he had a cold… Thank you Marc!!

Now, pancakes and then back to lego building!


About Monday & The Voice

For sure not a regular Monday! Woke up after a FEW hours of sleep, in LA. Due to the snow storm in Detroit on Sunday, our flight got delayed over 6h!! We checked into the hotel 3.30am west coast time, 6.30 in the morning our time, gaaa.

Picture bomb. More quantity than quality though…

IMG_0425 (1).jpg

For new followers, me and my friend Emma got four tickets to the tv show The Voice, after a bid war on a charity event :) As you can see we got to sit in the coaches chairs, pretty awesome!

Adam Levine, Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys and Blake Shelton’s chairs!

The squad. Ashley, Kelle, me and Emma.

Carson Daly, the host!

Performance from my favorite Adam Levine, and the finalist Josh Gallagher. After this they told me no photos… oops!!

We were on the vip list and were treated really well, and we hoped and thought we were gonna say a quick hello to the finalists and coaches after the show… but that didn’t happen. But it was so much fun to be there!

After the show we had a fab dinner at Catch, a hot spot restaurant in West Hollywood. I’ve been to the one in New York as well, both cool atmosphere, great design and delicious seafood. Tommy Lee and Kristin Callavari (from The Hills) were there, always fun to see some famous people!


I had to ask how often people stepped into the water  -Once an hour they said! And yes, one guy just did that when we left, and he kept walking like nothing just happened, the funniest ever :) My type of humor!

After Catch, we went back to the hotel for more drinks at The Polo lounge, but first a picture with Mr Nutcracker. The security guard didn’t think that was as fun as we thought, haha, oops again…

The squad got bigger after the Voice. The girl in the pink though, I don’t know where she came from!
IMG_0518 (1).jpg
All done and totally exhausted, but this day will be a memory for life!

I have some more photos from my shopping day yesterday, but I’ll save that for another day.

I’m back home in snowy Michigan and my bed is now waiting for me!!

Kram//Xx Cissi