Home with sick kiddos


Är hemma med två febriga barn idag. Är det ok att säga att jag tycker det är lite mysigt?! Vill ju så klart inte att dom ska va sjuka, men vi har rätt så gosigt med att spela spel, titta på film, äta våfflor och glass så här en vanlig tisdag.
Och samtidigt håller jag fortfarande på att tvätta. Hotel Franzen har omvandlats till Franzen’s Laundry Service!

Both kiddos are home from school with fevers today. Is it ok to say that I think it’s a little bit cozy?! Of course I don’t want them to be sick, but we are having a nice time together playing board games and watching movies, eating waffles and ice cream on a regular Tuesday.
And at the same time I’m still doing laundry – Hotel Franzen has turned into Franzen’s Laundry Service!


Lite bilder från vår Master suite, som jag fullkomligt älskar. Soffan här är den skönaste vi har och perfekt för att titta på tv i, läsa böcker men även att sova i. Oliver och jag hamnade här inatt, med hans nya fina dinosaurie-täcke, som dessutom matchar detta rum!

Pics from the sitting area in our Master suite. Love this space. The sofa is so comfy and perfect for watching tv, reading books, or even sleeping on. Oliver and I slept here last night with his new dinosaur duvet cover, that btw matches the colors in here :)


Har ju flyttat ner det svarta borde till vardagsrummet, så kör med puffen och en bricka just nu.

I moved down the black sofa table to the living room, so right now I’m using this ottoman with a tray on it.


Kram//Xx Cissi

From the master bedroom




Finally my new drapes are up! I think I bought them in October :) They are from Ikea, and they come in two different lengths, and none of those were perfect, so I had them tailored. I have a sewing machine myself, but I chose to be lazy in this case and pay for the job, hehe! Easy peasy.

Kram//Xx Cissi

24h in the bed


Hello from the bed! Känner mig lika hängig som den där blomman… Im feeling as poorly as that flower… I think the flu hit me yesterday. I couldn’t even watch tv. Then you know you are sick for real, haha. Compared to that I’m much better today and the tv is now on :) I’ve isolated myself in our bedroom though, I do not want the rest of the family to get sick.


We finally got rid of our cement mattress (for real worst mattress ever, my ribs were hurting when I tried to sleep on it). Now we got a lovely one from SleepNumber. Perfect for us, with a control I pick my number and hubby his, from scale 1-100, from soft to firm. Smart! Also new in here is the picture, from Saatchi Art.

I hope you a staying healthy!!
Kram//Xx Cissi

Lots of marble


There is so much I love about our American home. This marble fireplace is one of my favorites. It’s a real statement piece in our master suite, that divides the sitting area from the bedroom area. I also love how it matches the marble we have in our master bathroom, kitchen and butlers pantry. It puts it together if you know what I mean!

Oh my. I’m so tired. Last night was great and it got pretty late. And today has been a busy day with hockey and skiing. I took the boys all by myself skiing, just about 40 minutes away from home. Puh, lots of work but we had so much fun. No meltdowns, high five! They did great and I’m so proud of them. You never know, next time might be different :)

Now→ bed and an episode of Vikings!

My chill spot


This is my favorite spot to end the day if I watch tv, that is part of our bedroom. It’s been looking the same for a long time though and I’m about to change a few things. Fun!

But before I land in the sofa right here with some raw chocolate balls, I’m planning to go thru the boys closets. We have a Mexico vacation coming up next week (oh yeah!!!!) so I need to see what still fit my growing boys!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Fireplace and candles


When I’m not at concerts, which is pretty often (three the last three weeks!), I’m mostly ending my evenings right here in our master suite, in front of the fireplace and lighted candles. Now it’s time for me to watch Wahlgrens Värld, a Swedish reality show that I love!

Xx//Kram Cissi

White x 3



In love!! Today I got this cool oversized picture delivered to my house by the photographer herself Courtney Parrie Green, website here.

So at the moment I’m just sitting here with a cup of coffee and enjoying the picture!


1G6A2486 5.jpg

I was first thinking of a black frame, but so happy I decided to do the white. The handprints on the wall is from the artist Oliver Franzen… he stuck his finger in my scented candle and decided make some art on the wall!!


Old white jeans from Frame and white nails, polish- Essies Marshmallow.

Got to to! Tonight we are going downtown to see The Chainsmokers!! Woop woop!!

Btw. I ended up watching Lion last night. What a great and touching movie. I was exhausted after all crying,  but really a fantastic movie!!


New nightstands!


New in, zink nightstands from Restoration Hardware!! I’m in love :) I just sent two pictures for framing, that I think will look amazing here on the wall. Also, still need to get rid of the boxspring to lower the bed…


These details, love!!

1G6A1333 (1)

I heard Aloe Vera plants are good for your sleep. And look closer to the picture, it’s Johan 7 years old, in Redwings gloves :)


Oliver’s school was cancelled today, so we are home playing at the moment, cozy!! Later I’m invited for a tour of Little Ceasars Arena, Detroit’s brand new fabulous home arena for hockey and basketball, that is suppose to be done in the fall. Will be cool to see such a big construction site!

Later babes!
Kram//Xx Cissi

Movie night with the kiddos


Nothing new here, but I’ve been moving around some pillows and the table light has been in the guest room before. Sometimes thats enough for a change, but I’m still looking for new pictures!


I just lied. This book is new, a gift from Jana!


Movie night with the kids it is! So nice to binge here in this comfy sofa, after a day full of play, that started with a crazy early game for Eddie-Bo. Game at 7.30, and with the time change we had last night it was really 6.30, not cool!! But welcome summer time and lighter evenings!!
I have to admit I’m really tired not just because of the early morning… more because we came home late last night after a fun night out with some of the other hockey parents! But it was totally worth that! And tonight it’s full moon… normally means I can’t sleep. Hopefully that’s not the case this time!!

Kram// Xx Cissi

Grammy Awards night




Good evening! I’m sitting here having a cozy night, drinking tea (old favorite cup from Anthropologie) and watching Grammy Awards. So many great performances. Ed Sheeran, come on, so awesome!! I was suppose to be at a surprise birthday party right now (including party bus and karaoke, how fun!!) but no energy for that, even though I don’t like missing parties :)

Otherwise I took Eddie-Bo to hockey in the morning  and then I was at a fun jewelry party in the afternoon. Will show you some pictures from that event tomorrow. After that I cooked dinner and baked a birthday cake for our amazing babysitter Lisa!! Happy Birthday Lisa!!

Kram// Xx Cissi