Finally we have a bedroom!



This will be our future guest room, but while our master bedroom is still under construction, we’ll be using this room!


Old favorite sheets from Mille Notti. I miss our American king size pillows though… everything is bigger in America :) Need to check that out.


Found this floor light at Ikea (ARÖD). The one and only light so far in here :)


Also from Ikea, TURBO clothing rack and and SKUBB organizer. A great tip if you don’t have time or lots of money to spend on a closet. The organizer might not be a beauty, but I really really like the rack! I put another two racks in the closet behind the door.



Velvet bedspread from Linum.

Such a relief to get a bed and all our clothes organized!! I don’t have a cleaning lady here yet, (anyone that needs a job?!) so I will keep it simple, since it’s still so much to do in the house. A headboard, a green plant, pictures, mirror and a chair or some kind of nightstand will be added later on!

And today was the first day I got a few minutes over to take some pictures, yeah!!

Kram//Xx Cissi


Our bedroom

1G6A4106.jpgHeadboard// made by me & Johan  Linen and Bed skirt// Mille Notti Bedspread// Mimou  Nightstand// Björn Johansson (about fourteen years old) Mirror// made by and old friend Joakim Eriksson, also long time ago, but still a favorite.



I love our small cozy bedroom. I think it’s the same size as my walk in closet in our american home ;)

Work in the garden is next on today’s schedule. I also need to do some kind of workout. I never have any routines in Sweden, maybe I need a meeting with myself to plan my workout better. In the states I can always bring the kids to the gym, and they love being at the kids club. But no kids clubs here, but the kids have an awesome grandma close. If you read this please feel free to come over!