Happy Mother’s Day


To all wonderful moms HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!! I’m a lucky one, I get two special days :) Today, and in three weeks when it’s Mother’s day in Sweden. Woop woop!

Eddie-Bo woke me up and said -You don’t know where your presents are! He was so excited. Love when the kids make some crafts. (Thank you babysitter Lisa for helping them).


The kids were playing so nice together so I stayed in bed and then I got breakfast served in the bed. Pictures were taken after I ate though… but how cute that he put a tulip and candles on the tray. Thank you hubby <3 Love my family so much. Being a mom to Eddie-Bo and Oliver is the best thing in the world!!

A great start on this beautiful day. Barbeque and pool hang at home is on today’s schedule. Finally it’s warm and nice and I see that’s the same in Sweden. Enjoy!!