Bye bye winter


An organized mud hall!! It was time to get rid of all winter clothes today. Even though we just used them two days ago… But now it’s warmer and it looks like we are done with cold weather, finally!!

While I’ve been doing this I ‘ve been listening to Swedish hip hop artist Petter. Super loud! A podcast or good music is a must when you are cleaning. Eddie-Bo is into hip hip right now, so I had to introduce Petter to him,  I had forgotten how good he is, favorite song right now →  click

On the bench I have two boxes -one for Oliver and one for Eddie-Bo. I try to do my best to teach them to put their things in there and hang up their jackets… means most of the times I have to send them back to do that, but one day I hope it will be stuck in their heads :)


So, you need to be a little bit organized when you organize :) Have different piles -I always store clothes and shoes in clear plastic boxes, makes it easy to find whatever you are looking for. You need one donation pile, mine is in the blue ikea bag (best bags ever!) In the other bag I put ‘in between sizes things’ Eddie-Bo’s things that are still too big for Oliver, that I will add in another box upstairs, perfect to take a look in once in awhile since they are growing all the time. I made another pile for baby cousin Allan, with special more expensive stuff that I think his parents will like. And one trash pile.


As you can see I keep some winter stuff here, like our ski boots, since we have space for it. I have a speck of OCD, I love to use the same hangers. For you who doesn’t care about things like this, please don’t hate me :)


On the other side of the closet we have all hubby’s jackets and my longer coats and this smart shoe rack from Ikea. Our closets are custom made, and I told my carpenter you need to work this piece in. If you use a Ikea closet, you just attach the sliding bracket on the closet walls.

The best feeling after you accomplished a thing like this. You know it gives you energy, right? If you believe in feng shui. I’m not an expert on that but if you are Swedish and wants to learn more about that make sure to check out the blog Simplicity!

Now- enjoy the sun!

Mud hall- Before & After

Before – The old dining room:


After – A mud hall (grov-ingång):


I found this piece of furniture at West Elm. The baskets are from Home Goods. Pillow and bag, oldies from my house!


Coat & shoe rack and wardrobe// Ikea


We moved the previous door from the kitchen and instead we took some space from the garage to build a new entryway.



Renovation update

H E L L O   F R I D A Y

How are you doing??

This bathroom is now waiting for the plumber and for shower walls.

I have been painting all day. I finished up this bathroom, the hallway, some door frames, baseboards, two windows, a closet and the mud hall.

Before we started the renovation, there was just a tiny closet and no space at all here and one of two stairways down to the basement. I wish I could say it was my idea to close the stairway and also take part of the garage to make this space larger, but it was my stepdad’s idea (thank you Lage!!) Turned out great! This is the entry from the garage. 

Mud hall

After all painting I had AW (after work) with myself. I really needed some wine today :)

Looking forward to next week, all paint is done on the first floor so now it’s time to install lights and doorknobs and finish up everything. Yeah! Me and painter Jimmie will continue in the basement. One day it will be done. I think, I mean that’s the plan… gaaa it’s going so slow!! And I don’t like slow.


I wish you all a great weekend :)

Xx Cissi