Right now


Cozy time in front of the fireplace with a magazine and a glass of red wine, perfect after today’s activities. Saturday means hockey and flag football for us. And today it was cold outside, brr. While I’m heating up here the boys are heating up in the sauna!


My wine and nails, so matchy! I finally started to like red wine again after 7 years. After I had Eddie-Bo my wine taste changed, but I’m happy about being back :) I feel the fall and red wine is a good combo!

Tonight I’m heading downtown for a girls dinner, saying good bye to Kecia that is moving to Pittsburgh. Her boyfriend got traded, one of the downside to the hockey life. But I’m sure we’ll have a great night!

Kram//Xx Cissi

White x 3



In love!! Today I got this cool oversized picture delivered to my house by the photographer herself Courtney Parrie Green, website here.

So at the moment I’m just sitting here with a cup of coffee and enjoying the picture!


1G6A2486 5.jpg

I was first thinking of a black frame, but so happy I decided to do the white. The handprints on the wall is from the artist Oliver Franzen… he stuck his finger in my scented candle and decided make some art on the wall!!


Old white jeans from Frame and white nails, polish- Essies Marshmallow.

Got to to! Tonight we are going downtown to see The Chainsmokers!! Woop woop!!

Btw. I ended up watching Lion last night. What a great and touching movie. I was exhausted after all crying,  but really a fantastic movie!!


My nails are ready for fall

Nail polish// Essie’s Skirting the issue

Me and my nails, can’t live without them :) Ok, I guess I could but I really like them done. I’m a picky customer when it comes to my nails, it has to go fast and be perfect :) One girl quit on me, she was always grumpy and rude, but was fast and did a great job with the acrylic, but she didn’t file great so I might have helped her a little… and one time I accidentally blew the nail dust in her face, it was of course not my attention to do that, but the dust came into my nose and that’s how I reacted, she rolled her chair far away and she gave me the “You are so dead to me look”. After that she told me I had to go to someone else. I said I was sorry a million times and I tipped her like crazy, haha, but that didn’t help.
However this happened when my best Brandy was on maternity leave. She is now back at New day spa in Rochester, and it’s worth the drive!

I was just planning to show my nails and this story popped up in my head :)
Over and out!