Monday in the office

1G6A9941 (1).jpg

Productive day in the office it is. Organizing paperwork, paying some bills, changing car insurance and other grown up stuff have been getting done here today, booooring… but a great feeling when you are done!

Time to move to the kitchen and roll some meatballs!


From my office


I didn’t agree to the text above earlier today, when I finally started to do tax work… boring!! Ok, we’ve people doing the taxes for us, but I’m getting all our expenses put together, not hard at all, but it’s time consuming to go thru everything, since we have accounts both in US and Sweden, and owns many houses etc!


With some good music on and a lighted scented candle (French Oak, from Restoration Hardware, old favorite) it felt a little bit better!


Table// Crate & Barrel   Book case// Italmoda   Rug// Ikea   Table light// Target



I had a blast last night at the concert!! I came home pretty late, so right now I’m really tired. But a few episode of SKAM is a must before I’ll close my blue eyes!

Happy weekend to you all!
Kram//Xx Cissi


My new boots

New favorites from Anine Bing. Can’t wait to start wearing them, I’m waiting for better weather :)

1G6A8819.jpgUntil then, this is the place for them! The console table is from West Elm.

Today we have two birthday parties coming up. Not at the same time, but at the same place! One is turning five, the other one thirty. Bowling it is, fun!

Enjoy your Sunday.
Kram// Xx Cissi

Office details




New note books and pencils that I found in Nashville.


Hello my friends! I had a low day yesterday, until Emma texted -Coffee?? And that turned me into a good mood again :) I baked an apple pie and all of the sudden the house was filled with friends including kids, love having a busy house. Evelina that also came over ended up staying for dinner too. While I helped her getting her daughter into the car, Oliver that was in the shower, filled up the whole bathroom with water. Five bath towels later that was taken care of :) That little stinker!!

I’m at the moment sitting in my office, getting some work done. Buy a house in the States compared to Sweden, big difference!! Gaaa, it’s taking forever!!

Eddie-Bo is in school and Oliver is playing with his fire trucks. My cleaning ladies are coming soon so time for me to prepare for that, and then off to my friend and chiropractor Marc for a treatment.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Around the world

I found this World Globe at Target the other day.

My office.
Some days I wish you could push a bottom and just be somewhere else. Today I would love to be in Edmonton to celebrate Lucy 1 year old, who’s our great friends Emelie and Jonas daughter. Those guys, and Joakim and Lisa… man I miss you all so much!! We used to hang out ALL the time. It’s one of the good and bad things when you live this “hockey life”. You meet so many wonderful people, but then they have to move away…

I think my home made apple pie will cheer me up. Yep, pie it is and than I’ll take the kids outside and enjoy this sunny beautiful fall day.
We were up early this morning for Eddie-Bo’s hockey game. So much fun to watch him play, but after he scored a few goals, he got tripped and had a meltdown and left… Not ok!

Kram//Xx Cissi


At the office


1G6A0758 (1).jpg

Poor little Oliver is having fever and while he was resting today I spent some time in the office doing paper work. So the office is organized at the moment. Rest of the house, not so much :)
I really need to do some speed cleaning right now, one thing I’m really good at!!

Xx Cissi






I just got a delivery, a new console table from West Elm for the office!

Happy Friday everybody!!

It’s a sunny beautiful day here and I’m filled with energy. I had pilates in the morning and after that I did cryotherapy. I pumped up the volume in the car and sang out loud :) One of those days!
My cleaning ladies were just here so the house is clean, love that!! I also want to get everything in the house organized. I got the pantry and some closets done before our vacation. Hopefully this energy will stay for a long time so all our closests and drawers get done.
I’m gonna donate everything I don’t want to keep. Why keep stuff you don’t like?!

I wish you all a fab weekend!

Xx Cissi

Not always like planned

G O O D  E V E N I N G  F R I E N D S

I’ve turned into a night blogger :) I should go to bed but I’m sitting in front of the fire and watching The Voice right now (damn they are all so good). Love that show!

Poor Oliver is sick. He was up coughing all night. So I’ve been so tired today. This crazy blood moon also messed up my sleep all weekend too, haha.

Taking Oliver with me to IKEA today as planned, was not an option. Instead we’ve been home cuddling, playing and watching movie while Eddie-Bo was in school. I also had to cancel a hearing test for Oliver. He doesn’t talk almost at all so we are starting speech therapy soon. Can’t wait to hear him talk. I have a feeling he will be a funny little boy :)  He’s already a character.
During his nap I got a lot done in the house, like taking care of paper work, bills, cleaning, and I also installed my new computer. Woohoo!


Later in the afternoon Mark our massage therapist came to our house . He’s amazing!

Eddie-Bo is also a big fan of Mark. Always 10 minutes massage for him, so cute!


Version 2

Now I need to go to bed!

Good night

Xx Cissi

Happy Friday


Happy Friiiiiiiiday everybody!!

Look what I ran into at Target. Just what I needed :)


What are you up for this weekend?
Pool party at our house, with some of our neighbors, is on tomorrows’s agenda. That will be so much fun!

Now, movie night with the kids!
Nu blir det fredagsmys!

Xx Cissi

Franzen Residence office

Hello my friends!

Franzen Residence office. I like sitting in here!
More pictures of our house will come.


My dear Detroit pictures.
The Monument to Joe Louis, known as “The Fist”, is a memorial to the boxer at Detroit’s Hart Plaza.
The hockey arena’s name is Joe Louis, named after him.


A little peak from today’s shopping. My old computer gave up on me and one of our old iPads were yep, old and broken. Make up was needed since I of course forgot my make up bag in Sweden.

I have gold/brass fever right now. L O V E that trend.
More of that in my future shopping :)

Got to go. My realtor is showing me a rental house. This time it’s not for me. I’ll spy for friends that are out of the country!

Xx Cissi