Dreaming of summer


Oliver and Eddie-Bo ♥  from last year at our summer house in Småland, Sweden. Time flies and March is already (almost) over!






This is where we’ve spent most of our summers for the last ten years. And I’m looking forward to another amazing summer with family and friends and hopefully great weather. To be honest, you never know with Sweden… but when it’s good, it’s sooooo good!

I’m thinking of renting out this place for a couple of weeks. Is airbnb the way to go, or what?! Need to look into the options. We’ll still spend time here but we’ll also be at our new place outside Linköping, that will be magical when the renovation is done! An update on that will come another day.


Now time for me and Oliver to go outside and play in this beautiful spring weather.

Kram// Xx Cissi

Come on weather…


March is not my favorite month of the year, at all!! You get a few wonderful days and then it’s like a punch in the face and the snow is back! I really like snow and winter between November-February, but after that I’m done!! Unless I go on a ski trip :)


Back to Uggs…


The kids went sledding with our babysitter after school, while I finished up the tax work (finally done, yeah!), another reason I don’t like March, I guess! Right now Oliver is playing with snow inside, a good tip if you don’t want to go outside :)
Another tip is to use outdoor planters inside. This one is from Restoration Hardware.

Snow today and a windstorm last week, one of the largest ever in Michigan! 730 000 of 1 millon people lost power, that lasted between 24h-4 days!! How crazy! Some schools were even closed. We were lucky this time, only lost power for a few seconds and it messed up the tv system. My renovation house lost power though, that delayed some work. But that’s nothing if I compare to many of my friends!!

Now, time to cook dinner and later tonight I’ll be watching the final of the Bachelor, I know…!
Kram//Xx Cissi



Eddie-Bo’s Superhero Party


Thank you Home Bakery in Rochester for making an amazing cake!


I can’t take any credit for the cake, but I wrapped and painted the superhero’s buildings, planned and bought everything for the party :)


A very happy and excited Eddie-Bo!!


A Captain America shield!




A flying Oliver, in a Captain America cape that he wore up till bedtime!



Yesterday we celebrated Eddie-Bo (6 years old tomorrow!), this time at the kids club at Lifetime, the gym we belong to. Mr James, that took care of all the 24 kids, is amazing!! They did a music and art class, and ended with a fun obstacle course (hinderbana) and bouncy house, before pizza and cake! Great success!!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Apraxia of speech


It’s been so nice being alone with Oliver for a few days!! Even though I miss Eddie-Bo so much, but he’s coming back tonight from Miami. Cute with a father and son trip!!
Back to Oliver Franzen, a busy, active, social and very happy little guy. He’s so lovable, gives the best hugs and kisses and is always in a good mood, the happiest person I know ♥  I’ve been telling you many times that we go to speech therapy. He’s diagnosed with Apraxia of speech, (verbal apraxia) a motor speech disorder, where the brain has problem to move the lips, jaw and tongue, needed for speech. Sometimes a whole phrase comes out, but then he can’t repeat it. (same thing if you lose the speech from a stroke). His speech is getting better and better, even though he’s way behind kids in his age, he’s turning four in May. So far he’s doing so good, never gets frustrated but that’s my fear that will kick in the older he gets. They say he will talk eventually, but it will take time! I can’t wait to have longer conversations with him, he has a lot to say and I understand a lot, but far from everything. Two weeks ago he started going to a preschool at Beaumont hospital, where we do most of his speech therapy as well, and one of his therapist is also now his preschool teacher! I hope this will help pushing him!!

Pictures from his room this morning:


He loves airplanes and spaceships, so I had to get these pictures from Target. Basket from Land and Nod.

1G6A0331.jpgBox, also from Target!

My sitter just came over, Oliver’s absolute favorite!! So, I’m gonna do some cleaning and laundry, and get everything ready for Eddie-Bo’s party tomorrow! He was a little confused that he’s having the party two days before his real birthday… :)

I hope you are having a great weekend!!
Kram// Xx Cissi

More from Mexico

Jana, Elle and me living life!

Love her!! Also love the bikini, from Target, and the sunnies from RayBan.

Lisa and Oliver are always having fun together.


Beau, Lucas and Eddie-Bo at one of many stops at the Sweet Corner.

The rain didn’t stop the the kids from having fun.

1G6A9086 (1).jpg
Oliver, how cute!!

Hubby ♥ A fan of me, but not of my camera :)


More floating! Here with Dr Snygg (Dr Handsome)/Marc/Dr Gray/Our chiropractor :) The only good thing that has come out of my crappy back, is our friendship with Marc and Jana!! Love you guys, and thanks for an amazing trip!!

It’s always a good feeling being home after a vacation. We woke up to lots of snow today, so time for us to go outside and have fun. Also, need to unpack all bags and clean up the kitchen. It looks like a tornado just passed here…

Kram// Xx Cissi


Good evening from the airport

1G6A8893 (1).jpg

Hello!! Long time no see :) I’ve been busy working and preparing for our trip tomorrow. We decided to check into Westin at Detroit Metropolitan airport, to save some time and stress tomorrow morning. Me like!!
I had a plan to take a cool picture of Oliver when he was looking out at the airplanes, but once the camera was up he was done with that, hehe! This little man. Is fast.

1G6A8884 (1).jpg


I love my suitcases from Rimowa. It’s eight years since I got them and I’ve decided to like all the defects and scratches, and see it’s as memories. But… I’m drooling over their new collection Bossa Nova…


See you in… stay tuned!!
Kram//Xx Cissi

Home sweet home



Borta bra, hemma bäst!!

So nice to be back home with my two toothless kiddos ♥ ♥

Eddie-Bo had a school play today, so cute!! He was a shepherd (fåraherde). But he said to his dad in the morning -I’m gonna be a Mexican :) and to me -I’m gonna be a shepherd with a mexican shirt! Hehe!


Have you watched The Fall?! I’m hooked!! The boys are asleep, so I’m laying here under my blanket in front of the fireplace and ready for a few episodes. And I’m feeling a cold is on the way… but I hope that’s not the case.

Kram//Xx Cissi



From the beach 

‘After pool’ at the beach! 

I’m jealous at Eddie-Bo’s awesome beach hair!! 

Good morning from us! We spent almost all day yesterday by the pool, the kids were literally swimming non stop and had so much fun. I want their energy, what a work out to swim for hours and running up the stair to the slide, like a million times. We took a break from the pool and played at the beach. So peaceful. 

Today I’ll bring my camera to take more pictures. This time with a memory card in it, which was not the case yesterday… I get so tired of myself… 

Another pool and beach day is waiting! 

Update… it’s poring down rain at the moment… hopefully it stops soon!


Welcome December


This Xmas tree is so big and perfect, let’s buy that one! said an excited Eddie-Bo when we came to English garden :) And I had just told them on the way there that we needed to find a big tree, haha!


Here are some beautiful fake trees.

And outside they raced and played hide and seek and had so much fun, while I was most worried… I don’t really trust Oliver even though he has slowed down a little…

And here are some of the real ones. Love American Xmas trees, it doesn’t matter what size you pick, they are all so full and thick, gorgeous!!

After all running we finally agreed on a tree and my phone died (btw, I have a new Iphone and wow for the camera, much better then the old one). We will get the tree delivered next week when we get back from our trip.

So, tomorrow we are going to Mexico!!! If yesterday was busy, today was even busier. I decided not to stress though, that never helps, right?
Started the day with speech therapy for Oliver, dropped him off at home with our sitter, off to a meeting at the renovation house, plus picked out some paint colors, next chiropractor appointment, ate lunch in the car on the way to Ikea, bought a bathroom sink (that was out of stock last week) dropped off the sink, and now over to very important stuff :) got my eyebrows done and a spray tan (don’t want to be a see thru in Mexico, haha) After that I got home and then I realized I had promised the kids to pick out a tree, you always need to keep your promises!!
And I’m glad we went, we had a good time together and we ate dinner at Panera bread, back home, bedtime for the kids!! Now I’m saying hello to you and next I ‘just’ have packing up the bags left on the to do list, hehe!! I’m almost done with all kids stuff though…

As I said yesterday, it was a last minute decision to go on this trip, so that’s why these days had to be a little bit crazy. But I’m of course not complaining, I’m looking forward to this trip a lot!!

Kram//Xx Cissi


Hockey hockey




To see the boys skating with their dad ♥  Johan has been feeling better lately and I really hope it stays like that. Makes me so happy to see him with some energy and have fun on the ice together. Eddie-Bo has no hockey with his team over this holiday weekend, so open skate it is instead. And that’s what they are planning to do tomorrow morning as well. Oliver is so proud to finally be on the ice!!

And tonight, me and Jana ended up going to the Red Wings game, with Lucas, Beau and Eddie-Bo. Since the game started 7pm I decided to leave Oliver at home, he goes to bed that time anyway. He was of course not home alone :)

Remember my Halloween outfit :) Yes, I gave the suit back to awesome ‘Parking Dave’!!

Good night!