More from Orlando


Volcano Bay at closing time. A super cool water park with many fun slides. We closed that place two times, and we learned that the afternoons and evenings were the best time to be there. In the mornings, not so much fun. The capacity is 6500 (!!!) and even with prepaid tickets it took us an hour to get in, and it was so crazy and I remember I was thinking at that time I’m never ever getting back here! But this turned out to be my favorite park. I love rides and speed and I’m turning into a kid at places like this :)


Sven cracks me up all the time – ‘Take a picture of me when I eat a banana in the cabana’   :)


And this is Islands of Adventure. Same here, fun but too many people. We had fast passes to all parks, which was great, but it was still a lot of waiting for all rides.



Lite så ↑  Three parks in three days on Spring break/Påsklov was a lot. But between school and all boys hockey schedules, that was the only week that worked out for us.

Side note. I have for months been telling Oliver that we are going to Disney World to meet Mickey Mouse… well that didn’t happen! I didn’t know there are so many different parks in Orlando. Sorry Oliver, maybe another time we’ll go to Magic Kingdom.

We came back home yesterday and today we’ll enjoy a slow Sunday at home with no plans.
Kram// Xx Cissi

Relaxing Friday


Hello lovely Friday!! Well these pictures are from Monday night, but I’m back in the same chair again :) Absolutely fantastic to lay down and relax after three crazy and wild day at three different theme parks here in Orlando.


First thing I did when we got here was to do a mani and pedi, can’t stand when my nails are broken and chipped. Real problems you know. Also, that thing on the phone, love it. I used to drop my phone all the time, and nope not anymore, so smart!


Our house we’ve rented thru Airbnb. Most houses here have these nets around the pools and patios, I guess to keep out bugs and other animals, me like.


Oh my. I’m turning into my mom. She always takes photos of sunsets.

Have a wonderful weekend peeps!!
Kram// Xx Cissi