Relaxing evening






Ännu en varm septemberdag här i Birmingham. Hela 25C nu på kvällen, himla skönt men jag längtar efter lite kallare och friskare höstdagar nu. Längtar efter höstkläder. Min favoritårstid när det kommer till just kläder. Hursom så passade jag på att njuta här en stund ikväll medan kidsen och hubby spelade pingis i källaren. Perfekt avslut på en riktigt bra söndag. Först match för både Oliver och Eddie-Bo, sen stannade vi för lunch på Mexx på hemvägen, där vi åt smarrig guacamole och fajitas. Efter det en lugn och skön dag hemma med mest bad och lek. Ok, lite bråk hann grabbarna med också, men annars var det verkligen en härlig dag!

Another warm September day here in Birmingham. About 78F this evening, so nice but I’m looking forward to a bit colder and crispy air now. I’m looking forward to fall clothes, layers, my absolutely favorite time of the year when it comes to clothes. Anyhow, while the kids and hubby played pingpong in the basement I enjoyed some time here by the fire pit. 
A perfect ending of a great Sunday. First games for both Oliver and Eddie-Bo. We stopped for lunch at Mexx on the way back, where we ate yummy guacamole and fajitas. After that we went home for swimming and play. Ok, there were also a few fights between the boys, but otherwise a lovely day!

Our backyard


Our lovely backyard that we use a lot! This time of the year is just magical. Well except for when we got home from the tournament the hot tub and pool was full of mulch (bark) due to the heavy rain earlier that day. But mostly we can relax, play and entertain out here!


Peaceful evening at our house.


I think I enjoy this even more right now, since I now most of our Swedish garden will be a mess this summer. But we will figure it out and plan what needs to be done.

And I love to see all beautiful summer pictures from Sweden, the weather has been warm and nice in May! Please keep it that way all summer!!

Now time for a little family adventure. Will tell you more another day!
Kram//Xx Cissi


Family weekend



These two ♥♥ At the moment having so much fun together and are mostly happy and easy peasy (will probably change tomorrow because I just said that… hehe!). I think we all are enjoying being busy and being back to routines.


Swim and smoothie after their Flag football premiere. 1,5 h on the field in the crazy heat. I loaded up with golf umbrella, cooler filled with lots of fluid, ice cubes, spray bottle with water, and wet cold towels. It was like a spa under the umbrella :) But it was sooo hot!!


A quick smoothie is always a good idea! This one made of almond milk, banana, strawberries, some ice, and for extra vitamin boost -the powder from two capsules of JuicePlus.

I just posted some random pictures from the weekend on my Instagram @cissifranzen. You can call me Sporty Spice, well I have been doing none sport myself… just been watching :)

Kram//Xx Cissi

The summer is back

1G6A9931 (1).jpg

A chill Eddie-Bo after a busy week. Oh I’m so proud of him ♥ He’s been doing so good in school. He goes full days, which means seven hours a day/five days a week (My opinion- way too much… I don’t think we Swedes start full days until we are thirteen years old… and I cant remember I ever did full days five days a week, right?!) However, he’s been loving school and his new teacher, and after school he’s been has playing with his friend, plus hockey and he’s been just awesome!

1G6A9930 (1).jpg

Today we spent the afternoon at Emma’s amazing house, felt like vacation!


On my way home I was thinking of stealing my dream car from Moa :)

When we got home, friends and neighbors came over to our pool. Ten boys, totally wild, loud and crazy, but so much fun!!

Now it’s time to end this great day with Game of Thrones (like every night!)




Enjoying our garden


Fresh pictures from our backyard! It’s still green and the hydrangeas are crazy big. The mornings are colder but normally it heats up during the day. Fall is around the corner for sure. Can’t believe September is already here, but I think I’m starting to get ready for it. I have to say I love all four seasons!


1G6A0345 (1)


A glass of wine (or two), lighted candles and Game of Thrones will fill my Saturday night after the kids are in bed. Cozy!


Jet lag and school bus


Yesterday the jet lag hit Eddie-Bo hard. He was supposed to be at a hockey camp, but asked me if he could be home with me instead. So the two of us had a cozy day together, went out for lunch at his favorite restaurant Luxe, played board games, watched some tv and also enjoyed some pool time!

All this while Oliver was gone all day at a field trip with the gym’s kids club (gotta love Lifetime fitness!).

Also gotta love American school buses! Oliver was very excited to ride one for the very first time. I’m glad we catched him and his buddy Beau when they got back (in their too big camp t-shirts). Too cute!!



Vacation life at home


Fun in the sun! New in -plastic glass from Target. Well needed after a few crashed ones a couple of weeks ago… (Thanks Devon for the great gift. They come in a package of four.)


I just served my mom a Margarita by the pool. We are living vacation life at home at the moment. A better Tuesday!



Pool, new chaises & stim electrodes


Hello from us and this amazing weather, love it!! Oliver can’t get enough of the pool. He’s more under than over the surface :)

The two black chaises are new from CB2, and are on sale at the moment! I’ve four of the white ones on the other side of the pool, that I bought many years ago. They are comfy, easy to move, I like the design plus no worries about taking cushions in and out :)



Five seconds before this photo was taken, they were so cute together. They were laughing and Eddie-Bo in base layer and goalie mask (waiting for his hockey practice to start). But something happened here while I was grabbing the camera, haha.

Oliver’s Tuesdays are busy! Speech school, followed by speech therapy at another school, plus a brain treatment with stimulation electrodes, that will help the signals get organized faster. For new followers, he has verbal apraxia, basically means the signals from the brain to his muscles around his mouth, are not working as they should. He’s slowly getting better and better though. And they say he’ll talk great one day. Can’t wait!


A sucker (klubba) and netflix for 45 minutes, nothing to complain about! Johan is doing this treatment for his brain as well, without a sucker :) and instead of netflix he’s doing brain work out on the computer.

Pj and reading books are next for a tired Oliver! He’s still a busy little kid, but he loves going to bed, just to kiss him good night and leave him in his room, me like!

Kram//Xx Cissi


Our Easter Sunday



Ready set go – Egg hunt starts here!


We had an amazing Easter Sunday! First brunch with Marc and Jana with families, forgot the camera… but it was a perfect start of the day. After that it was time for the next party including this fun egg hunt for the kiddos.


In America we search for many small eggs instead of one big egg that we do in Sweden. It’s so cute to see the kids filling up their baskets!



Next- pool time!! The weather has been wonderful, love it!



We couldn’t have asked for a better day! Thanks Emma for hosting another great party!

It’s time for this night blogger to get some sleep. Tomorrow -renovation update!
Kram// Xx Cissi