Powder room – Before & After


Vanity// Fairmont Acacia   Faucet// Grohe  (both from Advanced Plumbing)   Mirror// Unison    Towel// Missoni     Floor tile// Home Depot    Walls and trim// Bright White   Light Bulb// Ikea   Wall light// hmm some online store, but two other light I ordered came with two dents plus a very long delivery time, so I don’t want to recommend that company anyway!



Soap// Lothantique (I buy them at Mills)   Old coffee cup// Anthropology -A perfect fit for the little cactus!



Mini plate// West Elm

And this was the powder room before the renovation:



I got some bad news Sunday morning, my buyer pulled the offer… So the house is back on the market. I thought everything was good and all set, but nope they change their mind. I’m most upset that we missed two Sundays that we could have had open house.

Well I’m sure a new lucky buyer will come soon!



Renovation update


Powder room, almost done! The electrician has some more work to do.


The crown molding for the kitchen, along with two other pieces we’ve been waiting for a long time, are finally here. They are spray painted and color matched with the cabinets. That company was cleary not the fastest on the planet… however I’m happy we now can finish the kitchen. Will show you the kitchen later this week.


Love the foyer. It’s almost completed. A little more painting left to do.


Basement carpet and laundry vinyl floor, all done!


I’m reusing some cabinets from the old kitchen in the laundry room to save a few $$. I think it will look really good whenever the walls are painted and the counter top is installed.



My lovely painters, please COME BACK ASAP!!


What color?? First I was thinking white walls, but since I’m selling the house, I think a lighter grey is a safer choice…



The yard is messy again after last week’s storm. Easy to fix! Just a phone call away, haha :)

Time to keep working! I’m planning to stage the house whenever is done, so I need to figure that out.

Kram// Xx Cissi






New in


I’m always up for a change in the house. This time just some new fresh hand soap, scented candle and a tray for our powder room. The French Oak is a favorite. For you that have followed me for a while, this is the same candle that Oliver scooped out all the wax and put it in his hair. It took me a week to get rid of that smell and I never thought I would like it again. But I was wrong. Now it gives me a smile every time a wash my hands :)

New in  Gold tray/ Target  Candle & Hand soap/ Restoration Hardware

IMG_0225 (1).jpg



Love this picture. A close up from our lake under the dock in Sweden a beautiful winter day many years ago. Photographer/Hubby <3

I wish you all a great weekend.


Xx Cissi

Powder room



I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Me and the kids started our day at Lifetime fitness. Their cafe is so good, so a shake or lunch is mandatory for us before we leave. And all food is organic. Thumbs up!!

Now the kids are playing and are having fun with our sweet neighbor Julia,
so I got some time to show you our powder room :)




dsc_0442 (1)


Tomorrow I’ll show you a peek from my Darlington St. renovation.

Xx Cissi