Peonies and rose wine kind of day


My garden peonies are blooming, me love!!! I also love that I finally got rid of the old coffee table. It was thirteen years old with too many scratches plus destroyed from a leaky vase. I decided to move down this black table from our bedroom… so now it’s empty in the bedroom…


Table// Bo Concept   Rug// Layered   Candle sticks// CB2  Vase// Restoration Hardware  Blankets// Hermes and Missoni  Sofa// Italmoda (also really old and need a facelift, I’m waiting for a new cover to arrive!)




The most beautiful flower in the world – I think!

You know what?! Someone told me it’s National Rose wine day (thanks Jana for the info, hehe) So time to pour up a glass of chilled rose wine :)
Cheers to you all!!

On the kitchen table





Super sized hydrangea direct from the garden! And from now on candles every night are a must, so cozy. The candle holders were from the beginning scented candles from Restoration Hardware. Reusing as its best! They work perfect as vases too.

Kram//Xx Cissi

New nightstands!


New in, zink nightstands from Restoration Hardware!! I’m in love :) I just sent two pictures for framing, that I think will look amazing here on the wall. Also, still need to get rid of the boxspring to lower the bed…


These details, love!!

1G6A1333 (1)

I heard Aloe Vera plants are good for your sleep. And look closer to the picture, it’s Johan 7 years old, in Redwings gloves :)


Oliver’s school was cancelled today, so we are home playing at the moment, cozy!! Later I’m invited for a tour of Little Ceasars Arena, Detroit’s brand new fabulous home arena for hockey and basketball, that is suppose to be done in the fall. Will be cool to see such a big construction site!

Later babes!
Kram//Xx Cissi

Come on weather…


March is not my favorite month of the year, at all!! You get a few wonderful days and then it’s like a punch in the face and the snow is back! I really like snow and winter between November-February, but after that I’m done!! Unless I go on a ski trip :)


Back to Uggs…


The kids went sledding with our babysitter after school, while I finished up the tax work (finally done, yeah!), another reason I don’t like March, I guess! Right now Oliver is playing with snow inside, a good tip if you don’t want to go outside :)
Another tip is to use outdoor planters inside. This one is from Restoration Hardware.

Snow today and a windstorm last week, one of the largest ever in Michigan! 730 000 of 1 millon people lost power, that lasted between 24h-4 days!! How crazy! Some schools were even closed. We were lucky this time, only lost power for a few seconds and it messed up the tv system. My renovation house lost power though, that delayed some work. But that’s nothing if I compare to many of my friends!!

Now, time to cook dinner and later tonight I’ll be watching the final of the Bachelor, I know…!
Kram//Xx Cissi



Our Master bedroom


Hello from another sunny (ice cold) day here, and we are still in pajamas, yep it’s already 1.30pm :) I love our crazy big master suite, but I want a little more modern touch now. You almost need a ladder (stege) to get up to our bed. I’m planning to get rid of the springboxes in the bottom, to lower the bed… but than the dressers will be too high… so I’m selling the two dressers from Restoration Hardware for $700/each (new price was about $1800), let me know if you are interested!


Bed frame, ceiling light, linnen sheets, dressers// Restoration Hardware   Rug// Hagopian   Vase// Crate & Barrel    Drapes// Swedish Hemtex    Table lights// Some store in Toronto   Blanket// Bo Concept



The marble fire place is a favorite that divides the bedroom from the sitting area. I’m at the moment looking for some cool pictures for that area… and I also might have mentioned to hubby that I want a new wall color. You should have seen his face, he didn’t agree to that at all, hehe. Well well, I still like the grey walls, but…
And behind that door is my walk in closet that is in need of a spring clean up asap!

Time for a shower and then we are heading out for a family lunch and maybe go to the movies!

Kram// Xx Cissi