Shape Me Up


Hello my lovely followers! This is one of my favorite workout outfits from ByShapeMeUp. With the promo code franzen you get 20% off at checkout, wanna shop? Click → here. And they ship worldwide, just saying!!


Photo: Courtney Parrie Green

Happy shopping!!




Mountain hike




IMG_4853 (1).jpg


Family hike in the mountains, a perfect start of the day. I’ve been to Colorado many times for skiing but never this time of the year, and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Who am I wearing you ask??  The Swedish brand ByShapeMeUp!

Gift inspo


My online shopping the other night was a success, yeah! In the next days the door bell will ring a lot, and boom there will be boxes delivered right to the door. Gotta love the service in the States!
In Sweden we need to pick up our boxes at the post office…

Between all Swedish fika and eating Xmas candy I do work out :) Today I was wearing one of my favorite outfits from Shape me up. One of my Swedish best friend’s own brand. I’m so proud of her! You’ll find her blog here.


Lots of shadows in this picture, but I wanted to show you the front of the pants!

Another favorite is this water bottle from  S’well. Comes in many different styles, it keeps your drink cold for 24h and hot for 12h. I’m trying to use less plastic. This bottle is so easy to clean, compared to many glass bottles. Thumbs up for that!


Also love my new spinning shoes from Shimano


Maybe this could be a little inspiration for your holiday shopping or just gifts for yourself!

Xx Cissi

Shape me up

H A P P Y  W E E K E N D


New favorites By Shape me up. I also bought another kit that I’ll show you another day.
It’s my Swedish awesome friend Charlotte “Glitzy”s brand. Thanks to her I started my blog. She has been blogging for years check it out.

Pilates. I never thought I was going to like it. I love it!! Normally I like “old school weights/machines in the gym, but I’ve back issues so it’s a lot of stuff I can’t do. Pilates mixed with the gym and cycle classes will be my weekly rutines.

A la “Mr Grey style” beds  :)



I hope you will have a great weekend!


Xx Cissi

Shape me up

I love to work out. I also love work out clothes :)
The tights are from Shape me up. You can get them here. Add the coupon code smu when you check out and you get 40% off!
Brand new collection is coming out next week.
Can’t wait!


I’ll check in later with some pics from our patio. But first I need to do some cleaning out there. Unbelievable how dirty it can get in 8 weeks.

Xx Cissi