Uniqe stairway


Visar mer från vår amazing terass! Samma smed som gjort räcket, jobbar nu med trappan. Den har vi velat mycket om. Först bestämde vi betongtrappa. Efter det skulle den göras helt i plåt, tills vi kom fram till att den kommer bli stekhet på sommaren när solen ligger på. Dumt att ha en snygg men oanvändbar trappa ändå. Då hanns ändå stommen göras och installeras, älsk på den!! Då tittade vi på vi på ett tjockt trästeg. Som visade sig kosta 2000:-/steg, onödigt dyrt och kanske dessutom halt?! Så nej tack.

More pics from our terrace! The same smith that made the railing is now working on the stairway. There have been many thoughts about this stair. First decision was a cement stair. After that we changed our mind and decided to make one in steel. Till we realized that it would be crazy hot to walk on in summertimes. Kind of stupid to have a gorgeous but useless stair. At that time the framework was made and installed, that I love. So after that we looked at at thick wood step, but it was really expensive and maybe also slippery in rain?! So that was a no.


Men till slut en dag så sprang mannen min på denna betongplatta på Bauhaus, och jag sa ja!! Denna platta låg på ca 250:-/platta dessutom. Meant to be, så nöjd!!

But one day hubby ran into this cool cement tile (don’t know if thats the right word for it?) and I said yes!! And the price was really good too. Meant to be, and I think it looks amazing!

Renovation update


Countertops, check! Once again I’m using quarts, that is not (so damn) sensitive as real marble and I’m super happy with the result. (Zodiac quarts, color London Sky, from Hard Rock Stone works).


My floor company, Finishing Touch, is sandblasting and staining the rest of the floors this week. They were five guys total  when I made a quick stop to take some pictures!


The railing is all done, and soon the floor will be matching.


Everything on the second floor is pretty much all done. Only the doors and mirrors for the bathrooms are missing up here.


Next week the kitchen will be completed and the painters will be back. I might help them, I love to paint! There is also more work in the basement to do.

We are getting there!! Can’t wait!

Cozy morning


Good morning!

Slow and cozy Sunday morning in the sofa. The kids are watching Paw Patrol. My eyes are more concentrated on all the details in the house :) I feel that the rug needs to be replaced. But something I love, is our stair.


The gate is custom made by a carpenter to match the railing. Oliver learned early how to both climb up and down the stairs, so I can’t say we’ve been using the gate that much, but it’s in use when younger friends are coming over!


And sorry for no post yesterday. I was so busy all day preparing for the pool party. We were fourteen adults and ten kids total i think. It was a lot of fun. The kids were swimming for hours!

Xx Cissi