The blanket and our Lisa


Someone asked me about the blankets. They are from Target and I think the colors are perfect out here by the pool and on the patio. I regret I didn’t buy more than two of them though. I think I have to squeeze in another Target trip before we go home to Sweden on Sunday :)


1G6A6545 (1)

↑ In the background -Oliver and our amazing babysitter Lisa. Everyone should have a Lisa in their life. The whole summer without her is too much for the boys, so this summer she will come and visit us for a week or two. Since we have no family around here in Usa, and with Johan being sick for the last 3,5 years, and with Eddie-Bo and Oliver’s busy schedules, I’m extra thankful to have her in my life! She’s the reason I have been doing ok. We love you Lisa, so much ♥

From Eddie-Bo’s new room


If you have $15, a screwdriver and need a smaller shelf – take a trip to Ikea! No it’s not the most sturdy piece of furniture I’ve seen, but I really like it!


Old favorite globe from Target, and the sign that says ‘Here lives a hockey pro’ is stolen from hubby’s closet.


Metall letter from The Land of Nod.


Baskets are always a good idea, I’ve had these for a long time. And a peek from the new bed that finally arrived while all guests were here. So now when we got home from our trip, was the first night for Eddie-Bo to sleep in it! Baskets and bed – also from The Land of Nod. Looking at the picture… I might paint the legs black… and I see some things are left from the tag :)


And why not put Jimmy Howard in the window. More sport things for the walls is on Eddie-Bo’s wish list, and more lights are on my list!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Vacation life at home


Fun in the sun! New in -plastic glass from Target. Well needed after a few crashed ones a couple of weeks ago… (Thanks Devon for the great gift. They come in a package of four.)


I just served my mom a Margarita by the pool. We are living vacation life at home at the moment. A better Tuesday!



Something old, Something new!



I just love my old books, that I bought for $20 at my renovation house, the day they had estate sale. Now when I staged the house I brought them back to the very same shelfs. The brass decor star/thing is new from Target. It’s always a good idea to mix new and old things!

Yesterday was so awesome and so much fun with a pool party. Today- office day. A big pile of paper that needed to get organized and bills to pay. Not so awesome and no fun at all!! But at least a great feeling when you are done :)

Now time for The Kardashian’s. Hubby thinks I should watch something more educational than that, hehe! Oh well, I think it’s very entertaining and I can just relax while watching that show, sometimes that’s what you need, right!

Kram//Xx Cissi


Around the world

I found this World Globe at Target the other day.

My office.
Some days I wish you could push a bottom and just be somewhere else. Today I would love to be in Edmonton to celebrate Lucy 1 year old, who’s our great friends Emelie and Jonas daughter. Those guys, and Joakim and Lisa… man I miss you all so much!! We used to hang out ALL the time. It’s one of the good and bad things when you live this “hockey life”. You meet so many wonderful people, but then they have to move away…

I think my home made apple pie will cheer me up. Yep, pie it is and than I’ll take the kids outside and enjoy this sunny beautiful fall day.
We were up early this morning for Eddie-Bo’s hockey game. So much fun to watch him play, but after he scored a few goals, he got tripped and had a meltdown and left… Not ok!

Kram//Xx Cissi


New bowl and lots of tears


1G6A3001.jpgWood bowl// Target

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You gotta love Target! Make the diaper shopping more fun when you find some goodies for your home.


Now over to my sad Sunday.

Today we invited a 23 year old guy and his parents to our home, that is struggling with concussion symptoms, depression and panic attacks, just like my husband. He used to play hockey and be an outgoing kid. It’s just sad how concussion can change your whole life and it’s also really hard for everybody else to understand what they are going thru.
I think it was a great meeting for all of us. It’s always good to meet people dealing with the same issues. It’s heartbreaking that he’s so young and I hope our words will help him at least a little and get him on the right way. We will keep in touch and Johan will take him golfing soon.

Another sad thing. My amazing friend Lisa and her family are moving back to Sweden on Thursday. Joakim will play hockey there next season and I don’t like it at all. I’ve totally pushed those feelings away for awhile, but today it hit me hard. I’m gonna miss them so much. At least we’ll get some quality time together, they will stay at our house their last four days.

Good night.