Travel day



Du kan kalla mig Marie Kondo!! Ni vet hon den japanska städ- och organisationsexperten :) Jag använde hennes tips om att rulla kläder, och jag gillar det. Speciellt eftersom jag kommer behålla kläderna i väskan hela veckan. Gör det så enkelt att se alla plagg då.

You can call me Marie Kondo!! You know the Japanese expert in cleaning organization :) I used her tip and rolled up my clothes, and I really like it. Especially since I’ll be keeping my clothes in the bag all week. Makes it easy to see all the pieces.


Spegel selfie innan jag lämnade huset! Sköna kläder är ett måste när jag reser. Denna gång blev det leggings from Spanx (sååå sköna), Johans tröja -från Burburry tror jag, min varma Moncler-jacka och Uggs på fötterna (gillar att va varm!) Just det, bästa magväskan från EPTM.

Nu är jag hemma hos pappa och ska försöka sova i mitt gamla barndomsrum – som nu är ett mysigt gästrum. Go natt!

A quick mirror selfie before I left the house! I need to travel in comfy clothes. I was wearing leggings from Spanx, Johan’s sweatshirt from Burburry i think, my warm Moncler coat and Ugg’s on the feet (I like to be warm!) Oh and the best fanny pack from EPTM.

I’m right now at my dad’s house about to sleep in my childhood room – that now is a cozy guestroom. Nighty!

Happy weekend



Hello! There is so much that I love about our Us home and that I wouldn’t change if I would do it over again. We moved in about five years ago. Our closets are on my top list for sure. First of all I love that we have them separate and that we did Johan’s more masculine with darker colors and mine are lighter. Johan’s is also next to the laundry room, very convenient!

A surprise visitor came while I was taking photos. I thought he was asleep!

It’s time for me to pick up Eddie-Bo from school. He has a hockey game tonight that we are looking forward to. Oliver is also having a special evening. He is going to Halloween in Greenfield Village with friends and Lisa our babysitter, plus is having a sleepover at her house! He packed up halloween costume, cereal (flingor) and flossing (tandtråd), and no he has never used that before!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Details from hubby’s wic


1G6A0666 (1)


Yesterday I spent some time in Johan’s walk in closet. That means it’s top notch right now :)  The huge hooks are from Restoration Hardware if someone wonders. I love them!

More pictures to come tomorrow!

From my walk in closet


Some new favorites! I love fall clothes!!

Hello Friday and hello from my walk in closet. Every other Friday I go bananas and organize my closet (and the rest of the house), before my cleaning ladies come. The best. Today I was trying to follow ‘something new in something old out’… didn’t go too well but a few pieces went down in the donation bag at least!

The weather is (still) amazing and it’s time to make a coffee and go outside!

Happy weekend peeps!!

Cleaning out my closet


These are keepers for sure, but I’m so proud of myself for getting rid of a lot of stuff!! And I know this is good news for my babysitter’s two nieces that can take whatever they want and the rest I’m donating to people in need.


It was a mess in here, and when I the other day was thinking I need more hangers, I told myself, NO, it’s time to clean out the closet and organize instead, applaud to me! And now of course I have tons of empty hangers :)


My wedding dress is normally hanging in the glass cabinet, but I finally took it to the dry cleaners, it’s just been dirty for 7,5 years :) And it was thanks to the kiddos that was playing hide and seek in there, and accidentally pulled down my dress so the little string it’s hanging from ripped and that’s when I decided it needed to get fixed and clean again!
Also, I would like to buy a new beautiful velvet ottoman for my closet… but, I have to admit most of the times it’s covered with clothes anyway… hmm… I will think about it!


This dress makes me smile, and that’s why it’s hanging right there! That’s the dress I was wearing later at our wedding reception!! And the cute hanger is from my mother in law’s project Hang on Hangers! 

I’m almost done in here, a little more dusting and the bags deserve a nice display :)

Kram// Xx Cissi