New wall color

Woop woop, new color in Eddie-Bo’s new room! It’s Sherwin Williams 9164 Illusive Green, a warm and calm grey/green color. I choose an eggshell finish because it’s a kids room. I prefer an even more matte finish than that, but this way it will be more resistant for scratches and stains. Also to think about when picking colors, that same color in two rooms can look totally different depending on the lights from the windows. Even what light bulb you are using is making a difference in the tone. Just so you know!

Now I just want his bed and desk to arrive so he can move in here! Those were suppose to be delivered two weeks ago, hmm. My plan was to surprise him with a new room for his birthday, but with two days left I’m pretty sure that will not happen. Oh well. I found some goodies today that I know will make him happy!